Goodbye Party

by Forefeather



(Extensive liner notes can be found in the desciption fields for each individual track on this album as they are consecutively released.)

October 21st, 2015

You may or may not have heard that there’s a new Forefeather album on its way off the presses, humbly titled “Goodbye Party”.

For me, releasing this album is going to be a peculiar experience, because it’s been mostly completed since midway through 2013, which was right around the time that I decided to adopt the name Forefeather. Goodbye Party was essentially designed to be a statement of departure from the work I’d been concocting under the moniker Zac HB. Because this album has been sitting around, readying itself for public consumption for the past few years, and because it feels to me like a representation of such different parts of myself than I’ve been showing to the world recently, I’ve decided to put the album in kind of a quirky fashion.

Goodbye Party will be going live song by song, with one new track releasing (in order from the first song to the last) every two days until the whole album is out. I’ll be telling the story of the whole album in chapters, as each songs drops (or comes out again, as part of the album).

The reflections contained in Goodbye Party are from a very different time in my life. In listening back through the album, I recognize a lot of potent emotions. I can still relate to and understand plenty of what I was writing, but having committed so much of my past few years to various mindfulness practices, I’ve now got a very different perspective on much of what I was going through in the stories this album tells. You can tune in at, via the onefeatherforward blog, or on facebook to read along or join in on the conversation.

My hope for the duration of this album’s release period is that these stories and the reflections and interpretations I’ll offer along with them can get some conversations going, provoke some thoughts, and offer you more than just some pleasing sounds. I’m a Zen-hop artist because I recognize how much music has helped me to heal, grow, transform, and so much more, so my offer to you is for us to be in this dance of it together.

Oh, also, ALL OF GOODBYE PARTY WILL BE FREE TO STREAM OR DOWNLOAD!!! Tell a friend to tell a friend!!!

Find the music posted right here as it comes up and out.

Thank you for being,


;-) <3


released October 21, 2015




Forefeather Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dedicated to infusing hip-hop with the art and practice of skillful living, Forefeather creates conscious rap music that is danceable, mindfulness-oriented, and celebratory of hip-hop’s lush history.

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