Double Negative

from by Forefeather



(October 23, 2015)

I mentioned this once already, (and most likely will do so many more times throughout the saga of anecdotes we’ve embarked upon) but finally releasing this album is a really strange experience for me.

The thing that’s probably weirdest about it is that a there are so many vivid memories and lyrical goodbyes to past love interests of mine. Yeah…there are some recurring characters throughout this Party of Goodbyes, you see.

One thing I’m hoping you’ll keep in mind while journeying through these narratives is thatsome of my lyrics were hijacked very directly from my experiences with specific people, andsome include a little more poetic license.

On the subject of direct experience though, Double Negative is the song on Goodbye Partythat is without a doubt the most true to reality, and for this reason it really means a lot to me. If you’ve been listening to my music for a little while, you’ll know that this song has already been out for quite some time (as well as the official music video for it), but I’m hoping this interpretation of its content can inspire you to bring a fresh pair of listening ears to it...

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from Goodbye Party, released October 21, 2015
Written by Forefeather
Produced by Forefeather
Mixed by Wesley Opus




Forefeather Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dedicated to infusing hip-hop with the art and practice of skillful living, Forefeather creates conscious rap music that is danceable, mindfulness-oriented, and celebratory of hip-hop’s lush history.

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