Famous Last Words

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(November 4th, 2015)

The word religion derives from the latin word ligare, meaning “bind” or “connect“. Add that handy prefix on the front, and you’ve got yourself a contemporary english word that might mean something along the lines of “reconnection“, but instead refers to a terrifying monstrosity of human construction that will put a bad taste in the mouths of many of my generational peers, purely by mention of the word.

I apologize if that came off as a little cynical. Bear with me here.

Shortly before his retirement, I had a great conversation with the senior minister from the congregational church I went to as a kid. He mentioned that churches are having a more and more difficult time drawing new members in. Young people these days seem to be ‘over it’, so to speak. In his words; “We’re in a time where more people are identifying as ‘spiritual‘, and far less are identifying as ‘religious‘.”

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from Goodbye Party, released October 21, 2015




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