Jones' Lotus Harvest Block Party (ft. deM atlaS)

from by Forefeather



(November 2nd)

Throughout the few years between my having completed this album and finally emancipating it from its sad life in captivity while shelved, I had the chance to play it for a few friends whose taste I hold in high esteem. In case you’re not a musician yourself, you should know that this is a common and sacred ritual for recording artists of all genres.

The inner-circle screening is important because it serves as an incredibly valuable and intimate connection for two individuals who are most undoubtedly far more passionate about and fascinated with every aspect of their craft than is probably healthy. It’s an opportunity for two members of a rare and alienated culture to be at home for a short time, and communicate in the only language they were born fluent in.

…Not to mention, it’s an important opportunity for an artist to receive some honest feedback from someone whose opinion they respect.

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from Goodbye Party, released October 21, 2015




Forefeather Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dedicated to infusing hip-hop with the art and practice of skillful living, Forefeather creates conscious rap music that is danceable, mindfulness-oriented, and celebratory of hip-hop’s lush history.

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