Wandering Claustrophobia (ft. Open Mike Eagle)

from by Forefeather



(November 18th)

First of all, I need to direct a huge shout out at the brilliant Open Mike Eagle for hopping on this track with me. Mike is probably my favorite currently active hip-hop artist, runs a hilarious and fascinating podcast, put out what I would call the best indie-rap release of 2015, and is currently in the process of dropping another album right now.

In my notes about the song Famous Last Words, I spent some time on the theory that human beings cling on to organized religions in an attempt to feel a sense of connection. I believe that this is the same reason so many of us are attracted to drugs and alcohol, not to mention the countless other addictions that run rampant in this day and age (here’s another song of mine that explores this concept in depth). Social networking, video-games, entertainment, porn, medication, the list goes on… We thrive when we feel a sense that we are connected.

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from Goodbye Party, released October 21, 2015




Forefeather Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dedicated to infusing hip-hop with the art and practice of skillful living, Forefeather creates conscious rap music that is danceable, mindfulness-oriented, and celebratory of hip-hop’s lush history.

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